A Smart Building Management solution to minimize operating costs & maximize efficiency.

Aura Hub

Our hub driven by a powerful processor, acts as an end-to-end automation integrator.

Aura Connect

Our proprietory wireless network is fully secure for rapid digitalization of your space.

Aura Intel

Our interactive 3D dashboards helps in visualizing data from different levels.

Use your browser to control your lighting, heating systems, energy consumption, security and much more, all in real time.

Avoid unncessary rewiring and cabling costs

Aura devices communicate through the patented Aura Connect Wireless technology, that creates a private, secure and self-configuring network.

The encrypted data is transferred between devices to ensure safety, security and freedom from interference to existing WiFi network.

Wireless means no cables, so no wiring and masonry costs, but also fast and easy installation and configuration.
Installation costs comparison between Aura Smart building and other systems by the largest players on the market, as appraised by 3 different installers.
Tethered to a powerful network, our IOT devices installed in various floors communicate with the hub directly without depending on other devices for faster communication. Complexities and redundancies of old mesh systems are thus avoided, making Aura extremely efficient and responsive to real time business requirements.

Plug & Play without any network configuration

Aura Hub connects to the Internet without the need for special network configurations. Thanks to the MQTT technology, the Hub connects to the Aura Intel Cloud avoiding need for changes to the security and firewall configuration.

Aura Hub is the meeting point between the sensors in the field and Aura Intel. This allows you to connect to the Internet over 1500 sensors, occupying only one IP address of the local network, regardless of the number of connected devices.

Each of our devices is configured through a simple barcode scan during the installation process. Completion of this onboarding protocol enables pairing of the sensor with the hub, thus ensuring quick, seamless and hassle-free installation.

Aura smart building devices


Aura Gateway is a device designed to collect data from the nodes and sends the data to server, and vice versa.

DIN Rail Module

DIN Rail module is capable of controlling 5 relays with a capacity of 20A each.

Energy Meter

Energy Meter collects the voltage level in 3 phases, current consumption in upto 5 phases & power consumption in upto 5 phases


HVAC Node is capable of controlling centralized AC systems. It controls heat, cold and fan of the HVAC system. It also collects human presence detection, CO2 content in air, room ambient temperature & room ambient light.

Environment Node

Environment Node collects human presence detection, CO2 content in air, room ambient temperature, room ambient light.

Presence Node

Presence Node detects human presence in the room.

IR Blaster

IR Blaster is capable of controlling split ACs by sending IR signals.

Relay Node

Relay Node is capable of controlling 2 relays with a capacity of 5A each or 1 relay with a capacity of 10A.



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