Pulse provides actionable insights and automated solutions that enable Enterprises to enhance their operational efficiencies. This is accomplished through powerful predictive analytics solutions based on a proprietary IOT platform.



Save on Cost

Use predictive insights to avoid costly maintenance and repair errors.


Reduce Downtime

Use predictive insights to avoid costly maintenance and repair errors.


Improve Efficiency

Maintain quality levels more easily by managing a productive work environment.

Technical Specifications

A business can only manage what it measures !!

Utility Meter

Dynamic & real-time water/gas leakage, and electricity consumption data are gathered using sensor devices present on the shopfloor. Keep track of your consumption to identify the timespans and business events when you spend more, giving you insights into more optimal utility management strategy for your industry.

Pulse's smart Energy-Analytics reports allow you to keep track of your live energy consumption, therefore nudging your business to save precious energy-dollars.
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Predictive Maintenance

Estimating the future performance of an asset & Remaining Useful Life helps make planned maintenance decisions in advance. This avoids sudden failures, reduce the maintenance cost and streamlines operational activities.

Through retro-fitted noise and vibration sensors, Pulse can find faults in real time and indicate optimal solutions that solve maintenance issues with your critical assets. Pulse OS helps your business in moving from 'repair and replace' to 'predict and prevent' thus saving on costly downtime and repair expenses.

Improved Productivity

In various manufacturing processes and systems, changes in humidity and temperature can have a direct impact on material quality via discolouration, condensation and physical disintegration leading to issues of poor quality. Undue variations also have physiological impact on human beings that impact productivity.

Pulse can help monitor and regulate humidity and temperatures of each sub-space within your business locations. By enabling multiple devices that feed current temperature, air quality, number of persons and matching it with ambient temperature requirements and energy efficiency goals, it can provide an optimal solution to maximise people productivity while minimising your business' energy bills.
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Be global, locally

Use Google Maps to zoom in on your locality, select the particular building, click on a particular floor/room and you'll have an instant perspective of your business. You can quickly zoom out to have a micro view. Apart from looking great, alternating between micro and a macro vantage points gives you truly deep insights into your operating efficiencies.

The interface provides different levels of access depending on the user privileges, so the geolocation service can be either located in the PA for the eventual display of the status of the georeferenced installation on the map.


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